A beautiful childhood friend and I were having coffee yesterday morning, catching up on our lives and reminiscing about out childhoods in Laredo. The topic of Living with Intention came up.

What does living with intention even mean?

To me, living with intention means constantly looking at the decisions, opportunities and challenges I am faced with and doing my very best to always choose the outcome which is in MY highest and greatest good, without doing any harm to others.

Living with intention also means I am willing to make the changes necessary when things are not working. I am willing to observe and adjust as needed. The goal is Balance.

If the decision involves more than just myself, then I ask for the outcome to be the most beneficial for all involved.

Intention is one of the most powerful tools in Feng Shui. If you set a clear intention before you smudge, move objects around or implement any cure, you are setting yourself up for a much more auspicious outcome.

Make a choice to Live with Intention today. Start your day with intention and meditation before you let the outside world in.

• Be present.

• Make choices that help you grow.

• Do something for others.

• Observe what is not working and adjust.

Please share any tools you use to Live an Intentional Life so we can all benefit!

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