Work with Alejandra

One on One Consultation:

What to expect before, during and after a personalized one-on-one consultation with Alejandra.


You and Alejandra will have an opportunity to chat on the phone and discuss what you are looking to change in your life. You will also schedule your consultation at this time.


Your consultation will begin by discussing the Bagua and your home layout. Alejandra will make recommendations, and may also include suggestions for home organization, decluttering and healthy home options. At the end of the consultation Alejandra will perform a house blessing.



Once the one-on-one consultation is complete, Alejandra will still be available for 60 minutes of follow up. As you go through your to do list she can adjust recommendations based on what you are experiencing as you start shifting the energy in your space.

One on One Consultation Package: $789 fixed price including:

+ 30 minute planning session call

+ 2 hour walk through of your home (Facetime, Zoom etc.)

+ On-site consultations available in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas (or others with travel coverage)

+ Overlay of Bagua map on your space

+ Up or 60 minutes of follow up (phone, email, video)

+ House blessing