Balanced Design Rooted in Feng Shui Principles

Harmonious Design & Feng Shui Come Together

Interiors and exteriors expressed in classic and modern design, aligned with the principles of Feng Shui producing energetically balanced spaces. Recommendations based on Feng Shui principles to create an energetically balanced and healthy home / commercial space.

Meet Alejandra

I worked with and studied under a Feng Shui master practitioner helping me to unlock a new and wonderful set of principles to combine with years of high end design success. The synergy of these experiences helps me to deliver beautifully designed spaces that now actually improve the lives of my clients, their families, or their employees.


  • Onsite Feng Shui consultations
  • Interior and exterior designs based on Feng Shui principles
  • Choosing accessories and paint colors that optimize energy and vitality
  • Home staging with Feng Shui to sell your home
  • Helping home buyers choose Feng Shui friendly houses
  • Space clearing – Interior and exterior Qi adjustments
  • Home organization and decluttering

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally translates as “wind” and “water.” It is an ancient Chinese method of creating living spaces that are balanced and harmonious lending to prosperity and health for the occupants. It includes working on the interior and exterior components of a home or business to create beautiful, balanced environments.