How to Be the Best Version of Yourself with Alejandra Brady

Take a guess on what’s holding you back: Fear of failure? Age? Finances? These are the usual suspects, but what if you’re wrong? What if your obstacle that’s keeping the incredible person living inside from coming out… was in your home. Today, Feng Shui expert Alejandra Brady will help you understand that the things around you could be what’s stopping you from being the best version of yourself.

“I started my spiritual journey at 50 and this is what I want everyone to take home more than anything else is that it (spiritual journey) doesn’t have to happen when you’re really young and you’re never too old to pivot”. – Alejandra 2:18

Part of this process is understanding that no two journeys are alike, and, in most cases, they don’t start at the same point. Alejandra offers encouragement to be bold, own your starting place, and passionately pursue your journey; whenever, wherever, and however it reveals itself.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. – Alejandra 10:10

Fulfilling your purpose has no timeline, clock, or calendar. But even though it has none of these

things, it’s there all the same. You want to be ready, receptive, and willing to move into it whenever your time comes. Listen as this episode gives tools and specific examples of how you get to align with your path.

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