Bagua Map Bonus #1: Body Parts

Did you know each Gua on the Bagua map also has a body part associated with it? For instance, if during a consultation you told me you or someone in your home was having persistent hip issues, I would take a closer look at the Wealth Gua and see what was going on in that area of your home. I would then make adjustments accordingly.

Here are the Gua’s & the body parts associated:

• Career Gua: Ear

• Skills & Knowledge Gua: Hand

• Family Gua: Foot

• Wealth Gua: Hip

• Fame & Reputation Gua: Eye

• Love & Relationship Gua: Major Organs

• Creativity & Children Gua: Mouth

• Travel & Helpful People Gua: Head

• Center (Health) Gua: any other body part/organ not mentioned above

Hope you find this helpful!

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