“Alejandra’s intuitive design style is unparalleled. She has the innate ability to transform a space, yet amplify the essence of you. One of my favorite areas that she helped us with in our home is the pantry. It went from chaotic to social media worthy! It happens to fall in the travel section according to Feng Shui and boosting that area grew our travel opportunities like crazy. Ali is simply the best and I can’t recommend her highly enough. It’s a magical experience.”

Heather Radke, Flower Essence Alchemist // Tampa, Florida // www.HeatherRadkeHolistics.com


“I received the furniture today – apart from the coffee table that’s on back order – and I AM over the moon and beyond! It looks amazing! I did not ‘see’ it like that…. I am more than pleasantly surprised! I am blown away!

I can’t describe the feeling it evokes in me … for sure it raises my energy.

Now I can see your vision!!!

You got a beautiful gift!

I am so excited that I wanted to share.”

Martina Emmanuel // Sedona, Arizona // www.knowingdoingbeing.com


In 2020, I unexpectedly lost my “secure” corporate job. After spending several months thinking about my “what’s next?” I decided I would start my own conscious leadership coaching and consulting business, where I help people up-level from within through the power of tapping into their soul intelligence.  I asked Alejandra to come to my house as I wanted to be sure that my home was aligned with wealth and prosperity.  Alejandra has such great taste and style, that honestly I was nervous about her coming over to my home as I’m not the decorator.  From the onset she was so gracious that I immediately became comfortable with her suggestions.  Although, when she told me that my wealth corner was a pool bath with prosperity running out the back door and due to the configuration of my front entryway I had no career space—I did freak out a bit!  However, she gave me great suggestions to fix these areas to be more supportive of the energy that I wanted to create and flow through my home.  It’s been a year since we made the changes and my business is thriving!  I’m so grateful for her expertise, guidance, and counsel.  I highly recommend her!

Kristine G. // Tampa, Florida // www.theGCIndex.com