I am always talking about the importance of decluttering in Feng Shui.

Here are some ideas for spring cleaning and decluttering in some of the main areas of your home.

I find breaking tasks into specific rooms helps me do a better job and makes the project more manageable.


• Bedding – remove/repair/replace any bedding/ pillows that are torn, stained or that you don’t love sleeping in. Replace with organic items if possible.

• Bed – clean under the bed

• Decor – does it feel soothing and relaxing in your bedroom? If not, make adjustments

• Clothing/shoes/accessories – keep only what you truly love & use

• Books/ magazines/ newspapers

• Nightstand drawers

• Furniture – does your bedroom furniture work for you? Now is a good time to review. This is especially true in children’s rooms as they grow.

• Toys/ video games

• Artwork/ school work

• Rug/carpet – great time for a deep cleaning

• Electronics – less is more here, but make sure what you keep in your bedroom works. Toss anything broken.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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