Some of Rosemary’s amazing attributes:

• Protection

• Association with fidelity & Love

• Remembrance of those who have passed

• Air purification

• Removes negative energy

An old adage states that where Rosemary grows, the woman rules!

@amandagibbypeters suggests grouping 4 rosemary plants together in the Wealth Gua (upper left hand corner of your home) to represent a woman’s wealth & financial stability. (Men will benefit from this as well ?).

Some other uses for rosemary:

• place 3 sprigs beneath your pillow to help you remember your dreams,protect against nightmares & ensure a good night’s sleep. (

• Use it by your front door to help protect home from negative energies

• When dry, rosemary can be burned as incense to cleanse & purify a space.

• Dip a bundle of rosemary in moon water and sprinkle the water around your home to bless it. @thewitchoftheforest.

From Flower Essence Alchemist @heatherradkeholistics:

“The flower essence of Rosemary is for remembering and clarity. It helps us to remember on all levels. ‘I remember who I am. I remember my gifts. I remember what I came here to do and how to manifest.’ Rosemary awakens the full memory of our potential and when we remember our passion & purpose, vitality ensues.”

How will you use rosemary today? ?

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