How to Manifest with the Family Gua

Color: Green

Element: Wood

Shape: Rectangle

This is the area you want to focus on when you want to manifest:

Building a strong family foundation.

Feeling more secure in all areas of your life.

Amazing family relationships.

Emotional balance for yourself and the members of the household.

Better physical and mental health.

Making better choices and decisions in your life.

Covering your bills (different than Wealth).

So, what works in this area?

This is the perfect spot for plants, indoor trees (as long as they can be kept alive and thriving).

Family photos- current and ancestral

Columnar or rectangular objects

Water (water feeds wood)

Wooden furniture


What to avoid?


Too much Metal

Round things

Dead plants or trees


You want to make sure things are not broken in this area, as that can indicate breaks in families or friendships.

I have an IGTV video on this too!

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