Color: Purple

Element: Wood

Shape: Rectangular

This is the Gua to focus on when you are looking to manifest:

Making more money with your business

Getting a raise

Increasing wealth in all areas of your life & having the finances to do what you love to do (for me, it’s travel)

Finding inner peace with what you have in life

So, what works in this area?

Purple, red or green accents

Gold – great place to add a gold planter

Round leafed plants – fiddle leaf fig, jade plant

Moving water

What doesn’t work here?

Clutter, dirt, dust or anything broken – aka: broke!

Reminders of bad times

Dead plants

Fireplace or toilet

The stove is also considered a prosperity/wealth enhancer in your home, no matter where it is. Keep it clean and in working order!

I have an IGTV video on this too!

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