Feng Shui tips for your !

I recently asked you guys for feedback on what Feng Shui topics you would like me to cover while I take over @s IG live on June 18.

One of my favorite suggestions came from _rob_sim_. He asked for vehicle Feng Shui tips, so here we go!

1. Download a Bagua map. Go to my website. I created one for you as a gift! Link is in bio. Laminate it and place it under your driver’s side mat with the Career Gua facing you.

2. Same rules apply to your car as do your home. Keep the windshield and windows clean. (Clear vision)

3. Keep the inside and outside of your car clean.

4. Organize the center console and the glove compartment. I found great inexpensive organizers on @amazon for my make and model.

5. Empty out the side pockets. People forget about these, but all sorts of garbage and clutter can accumulate there.

6. Keep only what you need in your car. Don’t let it clutter up with lots of unnecessary items.

7. Add a cordless car essential oil diffuser! Remember to only use uplifting oils, no lavender here! I love citrus blends.

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