As Summer arrives, the world reopens and we all start traveling again, I thought now i would be the perfect time to do a quick post on what crystals are best for travel.

As a side note, I love to travel with either Palo Santo or Smudge spray. You can use these sprays to clear the air in your hotel rooms, the bed and your crystals that have traveled with you! I even spray a tiny bit on myself before I get on the plane & on my airplane seat, careful not to overdo it in case it bothers someone around me.

From Crystals 365 by Heather Askinosie @energymuse :

• For Protection for you & your luggage: Black tourmaline & Moonstone

• For EMF protection at the airport: Black tourmaline & Shungite

• For Patience : Amethyst & Lemurian Quartz

• For Fear of Flying: Angelite & Aquamarine

• For Jet lag: Agate & Malachite

• For Staying Present: Amethyst, Chrysoprase & Unakite

If you have questions on how to use these more specifically, comment below or get your copy of Crystals365!

Save this post for future adventures!!!

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