I must admit, until spending time here in Santa Fe, I had never been particularly attracted to Turquoise.

Suddenly, I am finding myself very drawn to Turquoise, so I looked up the stone’s spiritual meaning online.

Turquoise is a stone which represents wisdom, protection, good fortune and hope.

Ancient peoples believed in it’s profound power to protect. From eragem.com – Early Native American tribes placed tremendous import on the beautiful blue stone. Shamans relied on the stone as a conduit between heaven and earth.

Turquoise was used in healing rituals to channel the healing energies of the cosmos.

Turkish warriors used the stone in battle to enhance courage and provide inner calm.

In Tibet, the stone represents the cycle of life and death.

In Greece, England and Russia, turquoise was a symbol of purity and love.

With so many amazing healing properties, I will be adding turquoise to my collection immediately!

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