Make the switch to non toxic cleaning products

Let’s discuss the products under your kitchen sink and in your laundry room . The next “reset” I would like to invite you to consider involves the products you use to clean your home, kitchen and clothes.

In Feng Shui, we learn that what is closest to us affects us the most. Well, next to the products you put directly onto and into your body, some of which we discussed yesterday, the products you use to clean the clothes you wear and the dishes you eat off of, also need to be examined.

I go into so many people’s laundry rooms and kitchensand usually find dozens of toxic products. People are unaware of just how toxic some of these items actually are.

I started changing this in our home over a decade ago and am now so sensitive to harsh cleaning products, it is sometimes difficult for me to go down the cleaning isle at a store. I get a headache almost immediately if a client’s home is overloaded with toxic chemical products and I usually start with this conversation if that is the case.

We have become desensitized to harsh chemicals and additives and feel the “more powerful” or stronger a scent a cleaner has, the better it must be. In reality, “many of the chemicals utilized in traditional cleaning products are known to have a biological effect on the body, impacting the hormone , endocrine, respiratory and immune systems,” says Christian Gonzalez, N.D. (From an online article in

The great news is that there are so many good options available. Check out products from companies like Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Method, Puracy,, and J.R. Watkins All of these are stocked at most grocers, big box stores, and online at places like Amazon http://amazon.comand Grove Collaborative This makes upgrading to non-toxic alternatives easy.

Again, you do not need to throw everything out at once. Just keep a running list and replace with a better option as you finish what you are currently using.

A huge benefit of using non-toxic products is in preserving our environment. You are not flushing, rinsing and washing away chemicals that then create toxic conditions in nature.

Another approach is to make your own. A quick search online under “make your own eco-friendly cleaning products” yielded a lot of information for DIY non-toxic cleaners. There are even kits available to help you get started.

I invite you to look under your sink and in your laundry room and see what you can upgrade to go into 2021 in healthier, less toxic surroundings .🌿

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