Citrine is a beautiful transparent to translucent smoky gold to orange crystal with so many amazing properties.

As a Feng Shui enhancement, add Citrine to help manifest abundance, weath and prosperity in the following spaces:

• Wealth Gua

• Fame & Reputation Gua

• Center of the home (sometimes called the Health Gua)

Work with Citrine when you would like to:

• Increase creativity

• Protection from negative energy

• Increase happiness & joy

• Balance your emotions

• Enhance concentration

• Activate your intuition

• Energize every level of your life

• Attract helpful friends & mentors

Zodiac associations: Virgo & Leo

Chakra associations: Solar Plexus & Crown

Elements: Earth & Fire

Orange crystals are known for helping RELEASE.

You can add a piece to your space, place directly on your solar plexus chakra and/or wear citrine jewelry. I have a beautiful pair of citrine earrings I wear to help activate my crown chakra.

Hope you add some citrine to your life today!

If you have a wonderful way to use Citrine, please share so we can all benefit!

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