How to incorporate crystals into your Home to create an intentionally balanced and well designed space.

Picture of Large Quartz
85 lb. Brazilian Clear Quartz in an Entry way

I became so fascinated with both the beauty of crystals and their energy that I took a course and became a certified crystal healer. I have always been attracted to “shiny” things – I actually call myself a mocking bird sometimes because of my love of bright and shiny objects, but it was not until a friend of mine introduced me to the magical world of crystals that my attraction turned into an obsession! You can only imagine the rabbit hole I go down every time I am in our home in Sedona, AZ! One of the stores on my “can’t miss” list in Sedona is Touchstone Galleries There are several cherished specimens from there in both my homes and in the homes of several clients.

I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon than to go into crystal store after crystal store and touch everything – and I mean EVERYTHING!!! By the end of the day my hands are vibrating at such a high frequency that I have to shake them for quite a while in order for them to calm down and I am buzzing as if I had an entire pot of coffee. I love this!

When I started bringing a few pieces home, I felt such a shift in energy in the areas in which I placed them, I wanted a specimen in every room. Drawing on my design experience, Feng Shui principles and crystal healing course, I was able to discern the best crystal for each space/room in the house and garden – yes, I place crystals all over the garden as well. Crystals come from the Earth, so it makes perfect sense that they work well with plants, herbs and flowers as well. I have been following Amanda Gates for years. She has a great blog on what crystals works best in the garden. gatesinteriordesign You will find most, if not all of these stones in my backyard gardens!

While I feel there are no “set” rules for where you should place a crystal, I do feel there are places that may be more auspicious than others. I listen to how a client uses their space and what they are drawn to. From there, we can decide what specimens align with both their needs and the needs of the space. If we are fortunate enough to to have a crystal store in the city we are in, we usually go shopping and have a hands on experience!

Feng Shui is all about energy, so I like to focus on what crystal will best enhance the positive energy and/or decrease the negative energy in that space. For example, a large amethyst specimen is perfect choice in the Wealth Gua, since the color for that Gua is purple, however, if the client is dealing with an addiction, perhaps a better spot is near their bed, where it also serves as a stone of sobriety. Bathrooms benefit from clear quartz. A chunk of clear quartz is a great choice by your entryway, as it clears the energy that is around it, ensuring positive energy flow into the home.

A blue lace agate table in the left front Gua (Skills & Knowledge) of the house serves as a beautiful, functional and energetically rooted piece. The blue reflects the gua’s color and the agate brings calm, soothing vibes to you. It is a perfect combination for a place where spiritual items are auspicious.

There are many layers to the healing properties of crystals and my skill set helps me use crystals to create the most harmonious environment possible for my clients. Now that there are many accessories and case goods made out of stone, the options are out there to combine the beauty of high end design with the energy of the stones. There is an added benefit as well. If you love something, you are going to seek it out, to look at it. When you do that, you are creating mindfulness throughout the home or office. Every time you look and touch ( I strongly encourage you to play with your crystals) at a beautiful agate side table or the Mexican onyx bowl on your shelf, you will be reminded of why you placed it there and that creates a shift in your thinking.

Once you choose your crystal and bring it into your home, there are a few things you should do to help it’s energy support you in the best possible way. Cleanse and clear it. You can run it under running water or use Palo Santo or Sage if it is a piece too large to move. Set your intention for the stone and activate it. I learned this particular activation from Lindsey Banis during her session Chorus of Crystals – Sound Meditation at Miraval Resorts in Tuscon,

“I activate and program this stone to vibrate at the highest frequency for my highest good, by cleansing, clearing and releasing all negative or unwanted energies that no longer serve me.”

I hope you go down the rabbit hole and enjoy the ride as much as I have! If you would like to have me work on your home and help you find the best crystals for your space, reach out to me at

Onyx bowl and Amethyst cluster
Mexican Onyx bowl & large Amethyst cluster

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