Using Feng Shui to Improve Our Lives with Alejandra Brady

“Enough of the world is out there fighting you. You have to have a haven, you can’t come into a space that is fighting you as well.” – Alejandra Brady

I’ve always believed that the physical spaces we live in influence our inner spades, how we feel in our lives, and what we think we’re capable of. Beyond that, our spaces have healing power and can influence our energy in immeasurable ways.

This belief led me to explore more deeply and today I’m joined by feng shui expert, Alejandra Brady, to talk about how we can create intentional and supportive spaces in our homes so we can thrive in our lives.

In this conversation, Alejandra and I discuss the importance of intention in feng shui, how our homes can support our wellbeing, Alejandra’s journey to feng shui, the concept of the Bagua Map and how it’s used to analyze different areas of a home, Alejandra’s insights on the placement of plants and the use of color, and more.

Let’s pull joy in together!

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