Feng Shui Expert Alejandra Brady on What Clutter Does to Us Energetically

I first met Alejandra when I interviewed her on another podcast I used to host called “Being Home With Hunker.” We immediately connected and I knew that once I launched Hold the Light I wanted to talk with her again. However this time, I wanted to give more focus to the spiritual aspects of Alejandra’s work and life.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Alejandra had her spiritual awakening at age 50 – and it has had a huge impact on her career, which I find to be so inspiring. As she says, being spiritual doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful business person. They can go hand-in-hand.

So, in our chat we talk about Feng Shui. As Alejandra describes, Feng Shui is a practice to work with the energy that is already all around you.

She shares how Feng Shui allows us to have greater connection with ourselves, and how it can help us with our purpose and path. Alejandra also has some practical Feng Shui tips that we can all try – and you’ll definitely want to hear what she has to say about front doors and the impact of clutter. Also, if you’ve been wanting to create a meditation space or alter, she has insightful ways to amplify that area, including helpful crystals to use.

You will get so much out of this conversation, whether you’re already familiar with Feng Shui or just starting to work with it. I always love talking with Alejandra!

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