#53 Enhance Your Life Using Feng Shui with Alejandra G. Brady

After 15 years designing the interiors of beautiful homes and offices, Alejandra found herself missing something. She took a break from her work and focused on her most important client – herself. Her actual interior needed a reboot. She found that in Feng Shui.

Working with and studying under a Feng Shui master practitioner helped her unlock a new and wonderful set of principles to combine with years of high-end design success. With these combined experiences, she delivers beautifully designed spaces that improve the lives of my clients, their families, or their employees.

In this episode, we discuss:

What makes Feng Shui such a powerful system.

Alejandra’s methodology in which she helps people with Feng Shui.

The changes you can make to your home to improve your health.

The 3 most important areas in your home for Feng Shui.

Understanding your Bagua map.

“If something is broken, throw it away.”

The importance of intention in clearing out your energy.

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