Color: Red/Orange

Element: Fire

Shape: Triangular

This is the area to look at when you are looking to manifest:

How you are viewed by others – your reputation

How you are viewed in business

How to get the credit you deserve

How to accept yourself for who you are

So, what works here?


Light and lots of it

Things with animals in them- Artwork – throw pillows, rugs, etc.


Awards you have received (especially if your office is here)


What do you want to avoid here?

Water, as water puts out fire.

A lot of people have swimming pools right outside their back door. The way to balance this is to add planters to the other side of the pool with “up” energy plants.

Mirrors – again, since mirrors symbolize water, you want to keep these at a minimum here.

Symbols that don’t work with how you want to be seen.

I have an IGTV video on this too!

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