How to Manifest with the Travel & Helpful People Gua

Color: Grey

Element: Metal

Shape: Round

This is the area you want to look at when you want to manifest:

Having people who help you succeed in all areas of life

Being treated fairly and honestly

Having things run smoothly

Increasing your intuition

Traveling – whatever that means to you

If you always feel like, “if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done” this is the area for you!

So, what works here?

This is another ideal spot for an office or meditation space

Religious items



Books on travel

Round metal trays

In my previous home, this gua fell into my dining room. I decorated with gorgeous coffee table books on travel and round metal trays. I have an IGTV video which goes into more detail on this, check it out!

What to avoid?

Clutter and junk

Broken items

Reminders of bad times

Fireplace – if you have one here, add a mirror over it

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