How to Manifest with the Love & Relationships Gua?

Color: Pink

Element: Earth

Shape: Square

This is another BIG one for most of my clients.

This is the area you want to focus on when you want to manifest:

Finding the “one”

Learning to trust people

Getting along better with everyone in your life

Putting the “sexy back” in your relationship if you are already in one

So, what works here?

Ideally, this would be your master bedroom. If your bedroom does not fall into this space, I would suggest you still apply these tips to your master bedroom.


Fresh flowers

Things in pairs (equal partnership)

Things that mean love to you

Earth toned bedding, textural fabrics

Bed in Command position

What to avoid here?



Dead stuff

Photos of anyone other than you and your partner

“Single” item photos

Things belonging to an ex


I have two IGTV videos on this – check them out!

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