How to Manifest with the Children & Creativity Gua

Color: White

Element: Metal

Shape: Round

This is the area you want to focus on when you want to manifest:

Being able to conceive and bear children

Getting unstuck in a project

Improving your relationship with your children

Creating something new

So, what works here?


Games and toys

Round stuff

Great spot to keep party supplies

Hobbies or crafts

Children’s artwork

What to avoid?

Clutter, dirt

Fire – not the spot to store your candles

Fireplace – if you have one, add a mirror over it

Anything that is blocked as the physical blockage can block creativity

Triangular objects

I had my candles stored in here and I am a candle freak, so there were a lot of them! Once I moved them, I was able to begin writing my book – this really works!

I have an IGTV video on this too!

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