Travel gives me life. Travel gives me inspiration. Travel brings me pure joy! It has been a while since most of us were able to travel freely and for fun.

I am back home and beyond grateful for my time in Cabo. My body and soul really needed the Water Element. We tried to go in December, when I started feeling the need for water, but were unable to due to Covid restrictions.

After living near the water for over 30 years and honestly taking it for granted some of the time, I realized how out of balance I felt.

Since moving to Sedona, I have been surrounded by Earth and Wood Element, which is wonderful, but our body, just like our home, needs balance. It is Fire season here, so there has been a very serious Fire element too.

Spending a week at the ocean brought me back to feeling balanced and harmonious.

I invite you to pay attention to your body the way you pay attention to your home.

What is your body and soul saying to you? What element is lacking? What element is out of balance? Acknowledge and follow through with it when you are able to do so.

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