I must admit, I am pretty new to the world of drumming. The first time I had someone drum over me was at Miraval. I could literally feel stagnant energy breaking up inside my body.

It was an incredible experience and one I started to crave! As I continued to work with other very experienced healers, like Anahata and Ina, I noticed everyone used drums as part of their therapeutic tool set during sessions.

When my dear friend Heather was doing breath work training under Anahata, she bought a drum and I jumped on the chance to buy one too.

I researched what drumming can do for the body: Drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system and assists in releasing emotional trauma. Drumming has a positive effect on anxiety, grief, fatigue, depression and behavioral issues.

Drumming can also be used for space clearing, ceremonies and removing stagnant energies. Native American tribes used it in spiritual ceremonies and the drum was seen as a moving, breathing entity of spiritual life.

I love to use my drum when I feel my mind is going into “monkey mind” mode. Concentrating on the drum beat slows my mind down and allows me to focus better.

This is a synthetic Remo Buffalo drum. I am fortunate enough to call an amazing artist a friend. Rachel lives here in Sedona and hand painted my drum for me. I chose my logo, which is a custom mandala created just for me for the front, and the moon cycles to go around the perimeter. My mandala reminds me of the sun, which brings balance to the moon cycles and an overall feeling of harmony to the instrument.

I hope learning a bit about drumming encourages you to give it a try too!

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