What is a Bagua Map and how is it used?

It is a tool we use as Feng Shui consultants to help us analyze the space we are going to work on. In other words, it is a tool we use to help us “read the room.” The Bagua Map helps us determine how to best balance the space to create the most harmonious environment possible.

In Feng Shui, homes, rooms, spaces are divided into 9 separate energy centers, which represent 9 important areas of life.

It is important to know you can use the Bagua map for your entire home, for a room, your garden, your desk, even on a nightstand!

The colors of the Bagua map are important, but I want to stress that it is not necessary to paint each room a different color. You can apply Feng Shui principles by adding touches in each room, while maintaining a cohesive color palette for your entire home.

So, how do you apply the Bagua over a space?

The way to do this is to take the career area of the Bagua and line it up with your front door. Sometimes the front door will line up with the skills and knowledge or the travel and helpful people, but most of the time, it’s the Career Gua, so we will start there.

If you would like to have your own feee copy of my Bagua map, click on “get your free bagua map” on my home page and get yours!

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