I decided to become a certified herbalist, because I just love learning about herbs and all their amazing properties.

I have been growing flat leaf parsley for years in my garden. I never thought much about it other than using it for cooking.

As I have now chosen to approach life with more of a beginner’s mind, I started wondering about parsley the other day when I went outside to harvest some.

Here is some of what I learned about Parsley and some of it’s magical properties:

• Used for protection

• Used for purification

• Used for communication with spirits

Parsley is also rich in antioxidants, helps with skin irritations and is great for digestion!

Parsley seed essential oil can be used for concentration and is woodsy, calmative & relaxing.

Parsley is part of the Apiaceae family, which also contains celery & carrots.

Parsley has been used around the world and the Romans were the ones who started using it as a garnish.

Romans used to tuck parsley into their togas to keep bad luck away.

If you are growing parsley for your kitchen garden, it is better to grow a new plant every year, as the plant does not get a lot of new leaves after it’s first year.

Now you know!

References: wiccanow.com & Aromatherapy guide by Stefan Mager

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