We have been discussing, what you put on your skin and clean your home with all impact how you feel and how you live.

My reset invitation today is more of an internal vs. external one. It is an invitation to notice what you consume mentally. The television shows and movies you watch, the news, books, video games, magazines & papers you read all have a direct impact on your mental state. Make sure it is a positive one.

It is great to reset your external environment, but if you don’t reset your internal one, you are not reaching your optimal thriving potential.

I invite you to pay close attention to what you are ingesting. Is the content violent and disturbing or is it nourishing to your soul?

I have personally distanced myself from the news and violent shows. I used to have news on 24/7 and found myself in a constant state of anxiety. One day I realized that I basically lived every day with someone yelling at me from my television and car. I decided to go a week without it to see if I felt any different, & the decrease in my anxiety level made me a believer. Now, I am not encouraging you to be uninformed, what I am inviting you to do is pay attention to how what you consume affects YOU.

Balance out what you are watching and reading with daily meditation, prayer, time in nature & positive music. I love to have on Tibetan sound bowl music (available on You Tube) while I am writing or cooking. Classical music works really well too.

Take notice, reset and balance in a way that is best for you.

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