I had a wonderful conversation with a friend over a glass of wine last night and the topic of boundaries came up.

We have both had to set very clear boundaries with family members and people who expected us to dim our light.

I was reminded of the Yucca plant story my teacher Anahata told us about on a land journey.

What do you see when you look at this beautiful, thriving, Yucca?

You see the plant is open in order to receive the resources it needs to thrive. It uses its leaves to capture all the water and sunlight it can.

You also see the pointy and spiky tips on the end of each leaf, showing you if you get too close and start taking away the resources it needs to survive and thrive, it will poke you.

The result? A very healthy, clear and defined boundary that allows the plant thrive, bloom & be the very best version of itself.

I feel we can apply the same lesson to our lives. If we allow people to gaslight us, make us feel less than, make us reject gifts we have in order to continue to be part of the family or friendship, then it is ok to set up clear and healthy boundaries with those people.

If we allow people to constantly deplete us of our resources, whether they be material, emotional or spiritual, then again, it is ok to set up healthy boundaries.

My invitation to you today is to think about the Yucca’s story and review where you may or may not need to set up boundaries that first and foremost, allow you to thrive. Set up the boundaries from a place of love and compassion, understanding everyone is at a different point in their journey.

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