I had so much fun with Camila from @tidyup.solutions last night! If you missed our IG Live, go to my stories or go to @tidyup.solutions to watch!

We discussed Feng Shui for the bedroom. There were a lot of questions coming in and we had limited time, so I thought I would take the next day or two and post some of the most common questions & answers I receive when discussing Feng Shui tips for the bedroom.

We will start with the basics and tomorrow I will post what you can do to create the perfect haven for yourself!

Ideally, the bedroom would be located in the back right hand corner of a home – the Love and relationships gua. Ideally is one thing, reality is another. So, wherever your bedroom is located, apply the Love and Relationship Gua enhancements to it to create the haven of your dreams.

First of all: Declutter

• Bedding – remove/repair/replace any bedding/ pillows that are torn, stained or that you don’t love sleeping in. Replace with organic items if possible.

• Bed – clean under the bed & remove any items stored there. Energy cannot circulate if you have things stuffed under your bed.

• Decor – does it feel soothing and relaxing in your bedroom? If not, make adjustments.

• Clothing/shoes/accessories – keep only what you truly love & use.

• Books/ magazines/ newspapers

• Nightstand drawers

• Furniture – does your bedroom furniture work for you? Now is a good time to review. This is especially true in children’s rooms as they grow.

• Toys/ video games

• Artwork/ school work

• Rug/carpet – great time for a deep cleaning

• Electronics – less is more here, but make sure what you keep in your bedroom works. Toss anything broken.

Once you have decluttered, let’s look at the most important part of the bedroom, the bed.

Is the bed in Command position?

What does your headboard look like? I prefer a strong, solid headboard to give you support.

What is your bedding made of? I always recommend organic when possible, including your mattress.

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