If you are working from home as so many of us are, there are a few things you can do to help transition from “work” to “home” time.

I recently spoke with @Claire on this topic. You can see our chat on my feed (go back 3 posts) or on you.tube. https://youtu.be/ucYGGOF4qsU .

• Clean and declutter your space regularly

• If you are really short on space, you can print out a Bagua map and tape it with the career section lining up with your chair.

• If you are facing a wall, add a mirror, so that you can see who is coming and going behind you and you won’t feel like business is being conducted “behind your back”

• If you are able to have a diffuser or a non toxic candle, use that to help you stay focused during the work day. I diffuse lemongrass a lot during the day.

• Try to choose a designated work space if possible, so you can transition back to the rest of the home at the end of the day. Close the door to that space if you are able to.

• Add a lamp, even if it is to your table on the patio. My husband is working on our deck at the moment, since the weather is nice here in Arizona, and I have a lamp out there to help give him more of a work environment feel.

• Keep your supplies together. I also got him a 3 tiered cart he is able to roll in with all of his electronics at the end of the day. He rolls it into a closet and is able to turn the patio into part of the house again. It also makes it very easy for him to stay organized until our home office is complete. You can also use a basket for this, which is what I do.

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