Feng Shui tips to create a “Power Spot” in your Garden

This is the power spot in my garden. I originally assumed when I created my meditation garden, the benches facing the Buddha were the “power spot.”

However, I constantly felt myself drawn to this twisty juniper tree. These trees are said to be twisty & swirly because there is an energy vortex under the earth in that spot.

A vortex is a place in nature where the earth is exceptionally alive with energy. Sedona is known to have many of these magical spots.

I sit under it when I need to think, meditate or otherwise connect with nature.

Eventually it hit me, there is extra energy, aka, power, here which is why I resonate so deeply with the space.

I had a bench brought over so that I can now sit on the bench or under the tree.

How do you find a power spot in your garden?

Walk around, use your instinct. Where are you drawn to over and over again? Once you figure that out, use my Elements in Balance approach and your Five senses to create a haven for yourself.

I can:

• See my water fountain (Water element and Sight).

• Hear my wind chimes (Metal element and Hearing)

• Sit on the basalt rock bench or under the tree itself (Earth element, Wood element and Touch)

• Smell the lavender & rosemary bushes I planted nearby (Fire element because of their shape and Smell). I also like to touch the plants so that my hands smell like lavender or rosemary, cup them together and inhale deeply!

• Use the rosemary in my cooking (Taste)

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