Want to wait up ready to take on the world?

Me too!!!!

I have always been a light sleeper, so I am always looking for ways to improve the quality and duration of my sleep.

Some of my Feng Shui go-to tips for a better night’s sleep are:

• Mist some lavender spray on your pillow cases and sheets. You can make your own by adding 19 drops of quality essential oil to a small glass bottle and filling up with purified water.

• If you sleep above the ground floor (2nd floor/ apartment) add 4 pieces of rose quartz under your bed. Place them in the North, South, East & West positions of your bed. This is not an invitation to add clutter under the bed – just some rose quartz!

• If possible, make the switch to an organic mattress. Organic bedding and pillows too!

• Try to have as little as possible plugged into the wall your headboard is on. Most of the time it is necessary to plug in nightstand lamps, but try to leave it at that. Lots of electrical items plugged in can “wire” you and interfere with sleep.

• If you are highly sensitive, consider removing any mirrors in which you can see yourself while in your bed.

• I like to use lavender hand lotion and a few drops of lavender in my humidifier to layer the scent.

• I would love to tell you to keep the television turned off or out, but I myself need it to fall asleep, so….please limit electronics as much as possible an hour before bed.

• Make sure your bed is in Command position and on a solid wall if possible.

• Choose a solid headboard (preferably wood or upholstered) if possible.

• This is not going to be a popular one, but I believe in it. Remove ceiling fans if you can. The blades “slice” through energy and can interrupt sleep.

Wishing you sweet dreams tonight!!!

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