I have been actively working to clear and reset my 2nd chakra for several years now.

The Sacral Chakra represents among other things, your creativity, your emotional health, your sexuality. It also represents your inner child and what you came here to birth (creatively – your gifts & talents).

Some physical manifestations that the 2nd chakra is out of balance or blocked include feeling stifled creatively, infertility, back problems, digestive issues, hiding your gifts or talents.

My personal journey has included being in a back brace from the ages of 11-17, a spinal laminectomy, a level 2 spinal fusion, four miscarriages, a radical hysterectomy & a level 2 cervical fusion all by the time I turned 50. At 52, I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis. As a person who was adopted, I had, and still have inner child work to do to overcome my subconscious fear of abandonment and rejection. Notice a pattern? Every single one is directly related to an imbalance or blockage of the sacral chakra.

Working over the last 3 years with many amazing healers has taught me that it is absolutely necessary to do the inner work. It is hard, but it is impossible to move forward without it.

Being a certified Feng Shui practioner has taught me to enlist the aid of my home to help nurture and support me on my journey to wellness and wholeness.

I include myself in my client list on this one. Some of the Feng Shui tips I incorporated and suggest to my clients are:

1. Spend time in the garden. Cultivating, watering and weeding the flowers and herbs outside helps to see how time is needed to do that for your inner garden (womb) as well.

2. Take a look at your Creativity Gua. Make sure nothing is blocking windows and doors in that space, so you do not block the flow of creativity into your home & life.

3. Add/ wear / use orange crystals such as carnelian, orange agate & citrine.

4. The Sacral chakra is associated with water, so spend time in natural bodies of water if possible. If not, take a bath. Add sea salts and essential oils to nurture yourself.

5. Create a meditation room or space where you can go inward when needed.

While I am by no means done, I feel the Feng Shui cures I have implemented in my life have helped me tremendously & my hope is that they will help you as well.✨

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