White sage stick used for smudging

What and why should you smudge on a New Moon? Today is the first New Moon of 2021. Smudge anything and everything you want to clear to help you manifest the next step of your journey.

A New Moon is a time for new beginnings and manifestation.

I don’t think it is any coincidence our home in Tampa went on the market on the first New Moon of 2020 and my book was due on my editor’s desk (virtually, of course) on the last New Moon of 2020.

The two major changes which were to take place in my life last year, according to the many healers I worked with over the past two years, were the birth of a new lifestyle (pretty radical move from Florida to Arizona) and the birth of a book.

The New Moon can help you create what is meant for you, as long as you are aligned with your highest & greatest good.

I smudged myself (see my IGTV video, Go Smudge Yourself ) , on how to do this if you need guidance) & my computer right before I turned my manuscript in. I will do the same on this New Moon.

You can use a feather if you like to help waft the smoke. Bohemian Dreamer http://www.bohemiandreamer.com carries some gorgeous ones. You can find a beautiful assortment of smudging supplies at Mama Wunderbar http://mamawunderbar.

Dream BIG – Happy Manifesting!!! Make 2021 the year you move forward on your journey towards your true path in life!

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