Beautiful flowers at Pike Place Market in Seattle

I don’t know about you, but not much makes me happier than fresh flowers on my nightstand & in my kitchen.

Fresh flowers are a very powerful Feng Shui cure. They can be used to bring new, vibrant energy into a space or they can be used to invite in soothing and healing energy.

Purples, reds, oranges, yellows all bring in vibrant energy. A bird of paradise arrangement is an excellent example of bright energy and would be perfect in the Fame & Reputation Gua of your home.

Light pinks, whites, lilacs can be wonderful in a bedroom or any other area you would like to bring in a softer or healing vibe. Peonies in a beautiful glass vase next to your bed would be perfect.

Fresh flowers are also a great way to reinforce the color of a Gua:

Career: I use all color of flowers here, since the Gua color is black or very dark blue (which can be hard to find in fresh flowers)

Skills & Knowledge : blues

Family: greens, blues

Wealth: purples, blues, reds

Fame & Reputation: reds, oranges

Love & Relationships: pinks, reds

Creativity : white and bright colors

Helpful People & Travel: white and soft colors

Center of home: yellows

Don’t forget to change out the flowers as they begin to fade. Dead flowers do not bring good energy into the home.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, either. These days, most large grocery stores have fresh bunches for under $5.

So, my invitation to you is to look around your home and see where you would like to invite in the beautiful energy fresh flowers bring & to treat yourself to some this week!

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