Essential oils provide a non toxic alternative as air fresheners for your home.

I touched briefly on this in an earlier blog (Reset #2), but I wanted to chat a bit more about air fresheners specifically.

The amount of toxic plug ins and air freshener sprays I have encountered in people’s homes is astounding.

Again, as with strong smelling cleaners, most people feel the stronger the smell, the better the product is working. In reality, what is happening is even more toxic chemicals are being put into the air you are then breathing in.

My invitation to you today is to walk around your home and look at what you spray & plug into your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and on your clothes to “freshen” them up.

As you finish the product, opt for a non-toxic replacement, or make your own.

I have started mixing essential oils (there are a ton of great recipes on Pinterest for this – just type in essential oil recipes) & purified water in glass spray bottles to use in the kitchen, bedrooms & bathrooms.

Another good option is an essential oil diffuser. Make sure you purchase high quality oils or you will again be diffusing toxins into the air. I have these all over our home. Since Covid, I have been diffusing tea tree essential oil & lavender in our bedroom every night. Tea tree essential oil is known for killing certain bacteria & viruses.

I make my own pillow spray now. I keep a small glass bottle in my nightstand that I fill with 19-20 drops of lavender essential oil and then add purified water. I spray it on our pillows every night. Sometimes I will add a drop or two of lemon & peppermint essential oils as well.

There are so many good alternatives. Please feel free to share what you discover or use in the comment section.

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