I was recently a guest in a beautiful home and based on the artwork in “my” bedroom, I asked the homeowner why she chose those pieces. She said she loved them as they were art projects family members had made. I, on the other hand, could barely sleep. Green aliens with bloody fangs & sharp-toothed fish swallowing a human were not my idea of peaceful and sleep inducing artwork.

So, here is the conversation I invite you to have with yourself as you walk around your home. Does the artwork you have and look at on a daily basis make you happy and help you envision the life you want for yourself moving forward? Does it invite calm or chaos?

For example, if you are single and would like a partner, pay attention to the subject matter in your artwork. Do you have a lot of art with single subjects in it? Perhaps consider adding art with pairs of people, animals or things (depending on the area of the home it will be placed in.)

Stop and notice how the art makes you feel. It again doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your artwork and start over. Perhaps it can be moved to other rooms where it would be more appropriate. I will use the artwork described as an example. I feel a child’s playroom or Creativity Gua would be an excellent location for alien and fish drawings. In a playroom, where creativity is encouraged, the imagination in these pictures makes more sense than in a space where one is trying to unwind and fall asleep.

Sports memorabilia works very well in the Fame & Reputation and Skills & Wisdom Guas of your home.

Religious and spiritual artwork is most auspicious in the Helpful People & Travel Gua and in Skills & Wisdom Gua.

Again, Feng Shui rules apply. If a frame is broken, fix it. If the artwork brings back only sad, angry or disturbing memories, I invite you to sell or donate it. Only keep and hang what brings you joy!!!

Talk a walk around your home and see what your artwork is saying to you. Move things around and see how the energy shifts.

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