How to create a healthy bedroom

The most important part of your bedroom is your bed. If possible, opt for organic mattresses, pillows, sheets and bedding. I happen to love bedding myself.

My choice of mattress these days is shredded latex. I love the option of three different layers that can be mixed & matched based on how firm my husband & I prefer our sides to be. Most of my clients have converted to them as well. I always get asked which one I like. There are a lot of good ones out there, I happen to prefer

Think of how much time you spend in bed, and the fact that you end up breathing into your pillows and bedding. When I discovered what some other mattresses were made of, it took me by surprise. Here I was cooking organic food and watching the cleaners I was using in my home, but I was breathing in petroleum! It all matters!

Now that we have covered the basics of a healthy bed, let’s make it pretty using my Elements in Balance approach:

My bedding brings in the Wood element as it is made from organic plant fibers. I chose white, both because it is easier to keep clean and because it also brings in my Metal element (color).

My headboard is made of Wood (material), is square (shape), which brings in the Earth element and the center brings in Fire (upward energy in the design). It actually also brings in Metal as the main design is a Mandala and is round, which is the shape for the Metal element. This one piece is doing a lot of work for me!

I brought the Water element in through the blue (color) decorative pillows.

When you start to look at items this way, you are able to be selective and use only pieces you love. That in itself, will bring health, balance and harmony into your space.

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