How to decorate with my Elements in Balance Approach

Decorating with all 5 Elements in Small Spaces

Decorating with my Elements in Balance approach can be very simple.

I have been asked lately about how to decorate/design with all 5 Elements and not have a space feel cluttered.

The secret?

Make the items you select bring in more than 1 Element: In this photo I have 2 objects, yet all 5 Elements are represented.

The crystal brings in: Earth (material it is made of), Fire (it’s upward, triangula shape) and Metal (the stand it is on).

The plant brings in: Earth (the soil it is in), Water (the free flowing and downward trajectory of the branches) and Wood (the basket material).

This is a perfect example of how to use my Elements in Balance approach in a simple and stylish way and without creating unwanted clutter. After all, clutter defeats the point of bringing Feng Shui into your home and life. The goal is always to create more space to invite in fresh, new & abundant energy.

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